Centre For Partnership

I work as consultant in the areas of cultural change management, organisational and personal development with a focus on leadership. I am also a Director of the Centre for Partnership, having jointly set up the organisation in partnership with Incommunities. I have previous experience as a senior lecturer at a university management centre.

I co-developed and deliver the Partnership, Governance, Leadership and Coaching Standards and associated products and I co-run The Board Room along with Trowers and Hamlins.

I also jointly developed the concept of the GEM Programme and the Junior GEM Programme. My vision is to tap into the passion, energy and talent that young people can offer to enhance the chances of the housing sector in meeting the challenges it faces long into the future.

I develop and deliver personal and leadership development for our GEM students, embodying information based learning along with reflective and experiential based learning approaches, including psychometric assessment. It’s a thrill to be part of the team which brings out the best in our GEM students to help them flourish within and have an influence upon the housing sector both nationally and internationally.

Contact details:

Trevor Smith Director of the Centre for Partnership
tel: 08451 660 600