Centre For Partnership

Centre for Partnership Standards

The Centre for Partnership is the only organisation in the United Kingdom which offers accreditation in Governance and Partnership standards, both of which have been recognised by the National Housing Federation.

Benchmarking your performance to achieve excellence

Our standards use ‘key indicators’ to benchmark your current practices in a range of business-critical activities, such as governance or leadership, and assess these against best practice.

How we work

The Centre for Partnership believes that achieving high standards is not just a tick box exercise. It’s much more than that:

  • we can help you transform your organisation by working with you in a creative and supportive way
  • we can work with you to improve your strategies and organisational processes to meet your future needs
  • we can provide you with the tools to enable you to continuously improve your  organisational processes
  • each standard is tailored to meet the needs of your organisation

Once you achieve the best practice standard, you will be assessed and receive an independent accreditation award in the relevant standard.

The benefits of the standards

The Centre for Partnership standards:

  • give stakeholders and regulators confidence in your organisation and its people
  • demonstrate to your stakeholders, including regulators, that you are following best practice and improving performance
  • strengthen your organisation to better manage risks and liabilities
  • provide your organisation with the confidence to radically improve key aspects of your business
  • enable your organisation to eliminate your weaknesses and play to your strengths
  • reduce costs and improve effectiveness
  • improve outcomes for your customers
  • give your organisation the edge in a competitive market
  • release talent in your organisation and encourage innovation

To find out more: tel: 08451 660 600 or email: info@centreforpartnership.co.uk